Gemstone Meanings

Below is a guide of the precious and semi precious gemstones used in our bracelets. Examine the meanings behind the stones to help you select the best bracelet for you and your loved ones! 


healing stones meanings
Amethyst Key Strengths: Calm, Healing, Peace, Stress Relief, Balance, Good Luck & Love. Astrological Sign: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo


Aquamarine: Key Strengths: Letting Go, Vision, Releases Anxiety, Soothes, Honesty, Loyalty, Beauty, Protection, Love & Affection. 


Bronzite Key Strengths: Strength, Energy, Confidence, Protection, Self Confidence & Power. Astrological sign: Leo


Coral Key Strengths: Friendship, Love, Purpose, Creativity, Optimism, Inner peace, Strength, Peace, Intuition, Imagination and visualization. Astrological sign: All Signs


healing stones meanings

Hematite Key Strengths: Memory, Mastery, Concentration, Mental Mastery, Focus, Grounding, Ambition, Clarify Goals & Deflect Negativity. Astrological Sign: Aquarius, Aries

Jade: Key Strengths: Attracts Wealth, Protection, Love, Money, Luck, Love, Healing, Self Discover & Opens The Heart Chakra 

healing stones meanings
Labradorite Key Strengths: Intuition, Trust, Energy, Imagination, Enthusiasm & Self-Assurance.
Howlite Key Strengths: Calming, Tranquility, Peacefulness, Inner Peace, Calming, Communication, Stress Release, Goal Setting & Ambition.
Lava Rock Key Strengths: Strength, Courage, Stability & Power
Lipis: Key Strengths: Awareness, Insight, Truth, Meditation, Wisdom, Judgement, Vision, Enlightenment & Intelligent. 
Moonstone: Key Strengths: Confidence, Esteem, Self-Worth & Personal Power
healing stones meanings
Onyx Key Strengths: Energy, Positivity, Protection, Stress Relief, Transforms Negative Energy, Strength & Stamina

Picasso Jaspers Key Strengths:  Grounding, Connection, Calm, Strength, Self Discipline & Balance. Astrological Sign: Zodiac, Leo


Prehnites Key Strengths: Love, Protection, Inner Knowledge, Strength & Growth. Astrological Signs: Libra


healing stones meanings
Rose Quartz:  Key Strengths: Unconditional Love, Self Love, Family Unity, Friendship, Romance & Heart. Astrological Signs: Taurus  
healing stones meanings
Tigers Eye Key Strengths: Grounding, Balance, Stability, Good Luck, Integrity, Self Confidence, Wealth & Prosperity.

Quartz: Key Strengths: Will Power, Motivation, Energy, Healing, Anti Depression, Intention, Manifestation, Calming, Awareness, Creation, Mindset &, Positivity. 

Swarovski Crystals Key Strengths: Positive energy, Hope, Joy, Good Luck, Optimism, Trust, Guidance, Knowledge & Understanding.